The poster above is an illustration of some of the books about Making that I’ve read recently.

My Research Reflections: I created a GAMI for my Research Reflections: Below is the link:

Critical Making Week 1

I love making Gamis! I use the app Tellagami and iMovie in order to create the finished project. Some of my frustrations with doing this, though, are splicing together the gamis in order to get rid of the Tellagami banner and uploading or publishing to YouTube.

The issue for me, with the splicing is that I’m not precise enough to do it perfectly and I just have to have it perfect. My ‘work around’ for this is to get my daughter to do it. I know this doesn’t sound like the best solution, but she is so quick and efficient at it and her attention to detail is conscientious.

The problem I have with uploading to YouTube is due to the extremely slow internet at my home. The download speed is so slow that uploading videos always results in an error message. My work around for this is to upload at school, or pretty much anywhere else!


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